Origins of Monsellato: The Dawn of a Tradition

Cantina Monsellato's adventure began in 1922, laying the foundations of what would become a symbol of quality and tradition in the heart of Salento, with a commitment to producing wines that express the essence of the territory.


A New Pulse: Expansion and Innovation

During the 1950s, Cantina Monsellato embraced innovation while maintaining a firm respect for tradition, a choice that marked the beginning of significant expansion and continuous improvement in the quality of its wines.


Ageing and Character: The Evolution of Taste

The 1970s witnessed a refinement in the production techniques of Cantina Monsellato, with a particular focus on enhancing indigenous varieties and defining a distinctive aromatic profile for each wine.


Beyond Borders: The Monsellato Winery and the International Market

With the entry of figures with international experience into the company, Cantina Monsellato began exporting its wines abroad in the 1980s, gaining recognition and appreciation in various parts of the world, thus expanding its presence in foreign markets.


One Hundred and One Years of Excellence: Cantina Monsellato in 2023

In 2023, Cantina Monsellato celebrates 101 years of history, passion and dedication to winemaking. The anniversary is marked by the launch of special wines that embody the richness and diversity of Salento's terroir, receiving acclaim for their quality and connection to the land.


A Seal of Excellence: Cantina Monsellato and the Forbes 2024 Prize

In 2024, Cantina Monsellato's path of commitment and quality is crowned by the prestigious Forbes award, which places it among the TOP 100 Italian Excellencies. This award celebrates not only the quality of its wines, but also its commitment to sustainability and innovation.


A History Full of Passion and Achievements

This narrative spans several decades, highlighting the highlights that have marked the history and evolution of Cantina Monsellato, from humble beginnings to international recognition.