Passion & Territory

the Wine of Salento

At the heart of Cantina Monsellato, our spirit merges with the land of Salento to create wines that are the pure expression of our passion and dedication. Our goal is simple yet profound: to create wines of excellence that reflect the essence and complexity of our beloved land. We believe that the magic of wine already begins in the vineyards, where every day we strive to care for the land and its plants with the utmost respect, aware of the inestimable value they offer us.

Cantina Monsellato covers about 20 hectares of precious Salento land. Our vineyards occupy a significant part of this extension, while another 13 hectares are dedicated to olive groves. The care and dedication with which we cultivate our land is reflected in the quality of our wines.

Love for the earth
Passion for wine Monsellato Winery


In the Heart of the Vineyard

Passion and Dedication

The secret of our wines lies in the meticulous care we devote to our vineyards. We recognise the importance of each individual vine and cluster, treating them with the same care we would reserve for a precious gift of nature. This attention allows us to maintain an essential and pure winemaking process, true to the philosophy of producing wines that are a faithful reflection of the tradition and unique character of Salento, without superimposing unnecessary artifices.

Philosophy and Tradition

Simplicity and Excellence

At Cantina Monsellato, we embrace a philosophy of simplicity and authenticity. We believe that a great wine need not be the result of complicated processes; rather, it must be an expression of the quality of the grapes and terroir from which it comes. Our commitment is to offer wines that celebrate the winemaking traditions of Salento, enriched by the purity and complexity that only careful care and deep respect for nature can guarantee.


Our winery, Cantina Monsellato, located in the heart of the Salento region, is committed to producing high quality wines, emphasising indigenous grape varieties and embracing sustainable practices to reflect the essence of the land in each bottle.