Monsellato Winery

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our selection of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is from the Leccino variety, prized for its distinct organoleptic qualities. With careful manual harvesting in the weeks of late October and November, we ensure that we capture the pure essence of the fruit at the most propitious time. The adoption of a cold extraction method allows us to preserve the beneficial properties and rich flavour of the oil, which comes in a vibrant golden yellow colour, enhanced by green hues.

The oil's flavour profile, balanced between fruitiness and a subtle bitterness with hints of almond at the end, makes it the ideal ingredient to enhance chosen dishes with a hint of refinement.

Commitment to Quality and Nature

Our careful and environmentally friendly production allows us to obtain 100 quintals of olives per hectare, with a yield of about 13%. This not only reflects our dedication to quality but also to the well-being of our ecosystem. The acidity of the oil, kept between 0.2% and 0.5%, testifies to the freshness and purity of the product.